Friends of Bewdley Museum News 2021

Securing the Museum’s Future

Plans have been outlined to establish Bewdley museum as a fully independent trust. Wyre Forest District Council is considering the move in an effort to secure the future of the award winning attraction. The plans include transferring the town’s Guildhall and QEII Gardens to the new trust.

The proposals would see a museum trust set up on a sustainable financial footing and would include a grant agreement for the new trust. This would be worth several hundred thousand pounds a year. The plans would also see any collection items owned by the exiting charity or by the council transferred to the new museum trust.

Councillor Helen Dyke, Wyre Forest District Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Community Protection said:

“We know what an important asset Bewdley Museum is to the district as a whole. In 2019 it attracted more than 200,000 visits. The site is also home to a tourist information centre and the town’s art gallery and provides a venue for many activities.
“As the economic pressures on Wyre Forest District Council continue to increase, we are looking for the best way to make sure the museum, Guildhall and QEII Gardens remain key features of our district. We believe by creating a museum trust with a board of trustees with the relevant skills we would be giving the museum the best chance to develop further.”

The Friends Committee will work closely with the District Council to support and assist all possible ways to secure the new future. We aim to keep you all upto date with developments.

Membership Renewals 2021

As The Friends have not been able to stage events, meet or really assist the museum throughout the pandemic we are happy to offer all Friends a membership payment holiday until March 2022.
This means that no renewal fees will be required during this period and we will endeavour to keep you in touch with all developments including the independent trust and the museum reopening.

If you have already paid you can either allow us to take this as a donation or contact for a refund.

We welcome new members and you can join for free with no payment required until March 2022 - just follow the links but ignore the payment requests.


The MacDonald Sisters exhibition runs from 17th May - 15th August 2021.

It explores four extraordinary women who found their place at the heart of Victorian artistic and intellectual life and includes paintings on loan from Tate and V&A

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Bewdley Museum, located in the heart of the riverside town of Bewdley, provides a fascinating insight into the history and development of the town, the lives of its people and the trades and crafts of the surrounding Wyre Forest area.

The Friends of Bewdley Museum was first established in 1969, when a group of local residents created the museum. More recently we have worked hard to keep the museum open in the face of cost saving cuts.

The work of volunteers through The Friends of Bewdley Museum is crucial to the continued vibrancy of the Museum and to support the staff employed by Wyre Forest District Council.

You can become a member of the Friends of Bewdley Museum for just £10 per year and, importantly, you can lend your skills and expertise as a volunteer.

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